Best riding performance of Tyrell
Foling Racer Bike “FSX”

High performance realized by carefully selected frame materials, large diameter head bearings and full carbon fork

Overcoming the weaknesses of folding bikes such as lack of frame rigidity and increased weight, the riding performance has been improved to the realm of sports bikes, and it easily surpasses cross bikes and is close to road bikes.

By folding at the vertices of the triangle drawn by the frame without installing a folding mechanism in the center of the frame, we have achieved an unusually high frame rigidity for a divided frame. While the basic design is the same as the FX, the frame members are made larger and thinner, the head bearing is enlarged to a super oversized diameter, and the fork is made of full carbon to show higher riding performance than the FX.

If you want uncompromising riding performance, FSX will be your best partner.

  • The kickstand, seen in the above image is an optional parts (sold separately).
  • Please note in advance that some designs and specifications may differ from those shown in the images due to production timing and other factors.
Size of Wheels
Material of Frame


Easy to carry around

The folded size of H 790 × W 870 × D350 (flat handle) is thin and well balanced, and it is also lightweight. Although the display size is large, the actual performance of the wheel is very good.

Di2 attachment

An attachment-type cover is used to house the battery and the wiring inside the frame when using an electronic transmission component. Both mechanical and electric components are available.

Full carbon fork

Although it is a folding fork, it is made of lightweight full carbon, even the column shaft. The lower bearing uses a “super oversize” 1-1/4 inch.

The basis of FSX's riding performance is this full carbon folding fork.

Beautiful welded finish

Smooth welding with inconspicuous weld beads is further polished by hand to achieve a smooth and beautiful frame silhouette.

Optional parts

Optional parts that can be used more conveniently are available. A bicycle bag necessary when folding and using public transportation, and a kickstand greatly improves usability.

Color Order System

You can order your favorite color from about 190 colors (charged). It’s possible to choose 2 different colors for the front and rear, and choose the color of the decal.


Folding size:
W 870 mm × H 798 mm × D 350 mm (Flat Bar Model)
W 830 mm × H 798 mm × D 350 mm (Drop Bar Model)

  • A Wheel Base: 1,075 mm
  • B Seat Tube length (C-T): 390 mm
  • C Virtual Top Tube length (Horizontal): 558 mm
  • D Head Tube angle: 70.0°
  • E Seat Tube angle: 73.0°
  • F Chainstay length: 431 mm
  • G Bottom Bracket height: 273 mm
  • H Full length: 1,545 mm


Name: FSX

Complete bike ‹Drop Bar Model› SHIMANO 105 R7000 2x11s, SHIMANO DURA-ACE R9150 Di2
Complete bike ‹Flat Bar Model› SHIMANO 105 R7000 2x11s, SHIMANO Tiagra 4700 2x10s
Weight 9.5 kg ‹SHIMANO 105 R7000 2x11s, Drop Bar Model, not including wieht of pedal›
Colors Setoshirube Ruby Red, Moonlit Night Black, Custom color
Manufacturing and Inspection We do everything from welding to heat treatment of frames in Taiwan. Final finishing of frames, precision control, assembly, and final inspection are performed at our own factory.
  • For available components, framesets, specification changes and prices, please see ‹Specifications and Pricing [PDF]›.


  • Carrying bag Travel light

  • Kick stand for FX, FSX

Other Options / Repair Parts

  • Double seat clamp

  • FD band adapter Di2

  • Chain guard

  • Tyrell Top cover Black

  • Tyrell Top cover Gold

  • Safetey pin ST / For FSX front fork

  • U mount for FSX front fork

  • Folding knob Assy for FSX front fork

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Specifications and prices of this product are subject to change without notice. Also, specifications and prices of the current model may differ from the images shown. For details, please check the latest specifications and price list or contact us.