Design your cycle life freely.
The fun is endless ∞

Multi-use minivelo with versatile extensibility and design to expand your scene

Minivelo that is light to pedal and easy to ride through city streets with many traffic lights and narrow alleys has been converted to a multi-use model by Tyrell. The frame is designed to accommodate fenders and carriers, while at the same time increasing the tire options available.

It can be equipped with baskets for comfortable town use, such as commuting or shopping, or with tires that can be changed to enjoy the outdoors and unpaved roads in a active manner. From daily use to cycling and outdoor activities, the greatest feature of LOOX is that it can be expanded to suit the enjoyment that each individual user envisions. The rigidity and durability that can be obtained because it is not a folding bike are also major advantages.

More freely, more enjoyably. The fun that is created when LOOX is combined with your daily life is unlimited.

  • The kickstand, seen in the above image is an optional parts (sold separately).
  • Please note in advance that some designs and specifications may differ from those shown in the images due to production timing and other factors.
Size of Wheels
Material of Frame


Frame Design to Expand Your Options

The frame design allows for the installation of fender and carrier, while at the same time expanding the tire options.

Please enjoy the bike according to your individual lifestyle.

Carriers and fenders can be installed for town use

Attach a carrier or fender for shopping or luggage outings. Pannier bags and other accessories can be installed to suit your needs.

  • The photo is an image of the installation.
  • Genuine optional products is only kick stand.

Fun that slant frame makes come true.

Slant frame creates a silhouette that looks great in the city and in nature, and at the same time, it creates a rigid feel that supports the fun of riding.

It is available in a choice of four colors.

Thoughts behind the name

  • An existence that enriches the user’s “LIFE” and gives enjoyment to “LEISURE (free time)”.
  • Two “O” mean the wheel, and signify an entity that this wheel become bridges and expands the fun to infinity.
  • Unknown or multiplication. We named it with the hope that the multiplication of people and bicycles will expand the world of the unknown, including places and people we have never known before.


  • A Wheel Base: 1,034 mm
  • B Seat Tube length (C-T): 380 mm
  • C Virtual Top Tube length (Horizontal): 535 mm
  • D Head Tube angle: 70.5°
  • E Seat Tube angle: 73.5°
  • F Chainstay length: 429 mm
  • G Bottom Bracket height: 273 mm
  • H Full length: 1,523 mm


Name: LooX

Complete bike microSHIFT 1x8s
Weight 10.0 kg
Frame Color (Fork Color) Bright Blue (Silver), Bright Yellow (Silver), Bright Silver (Gray), Bright White (Copper)
Manufacturing and Inspection Seeking the best balance between price without compromising performance or quality, we outsource manufacturing to Taiwan and conduct final quality inspections at our own factory.
  • For details of specifications and prices, please refer to ‹Specifications and Pricing [PDF]›.


  • Kick stand for LOOX

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