A one-of-a-kind mini velo with a strong sense of acceleration and running, and an overwhelming presence.

A unique acceleration feeling that responds quickly to pedal input

The frame made of Ti-3AL2.5V titanium alloy double butted tube optimized for bicycles and Ti-6AL4V titanium alloy machined parts is used unpainted so that you can enjoy the texture of the material as it is.

Combined with Tyrell’s unique slant design frame, it asserts that it is a high-end model. However the essence of PK1 lies not in its looks but in its unique riding performance.

With a frame design that maximizes the merits of the minivelo, the riding performance has been refined to the limits of the minivelo. It has a strong acceleration feeling that responds immediately to pedal input and it'll make a deep and lasting impression.

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Size of Wheels
Material of Frame


Di2 attachment

An attachment-type cover is used to house the battery and the wiring inside the frame when using an electronic transmission component. Both mechanical and electric components are available.

Full carbon fork

Adopted a lightweight full carbon fork made of carbon up to the column shaft.

Beautiful Tig welding

The beautiful weld bead has a uniform width and spacing, and is a testament to our high welding technology.

Head badge

A plate-type head badge as a proof of the high-end model


Equipped with high-performance wheels “AM-6 451” that combine wide rims with Tyrell hubs having high rotational performance. Even with low air pressure, wide rims offer low rolling resistance and a firm feeling in corners.


Tyrell’s unique frame design “Slant Design Technology”.

A framework that achieves both ride comfort and high performance by exhibiting high rigidity in the horizontal and torsional directions, but not excessively high rigidity in the vertical direction, by forming a number of triangles.


  • A Wheel Base: 1,069 mm
  • B Seat Tube length (C-T): 395 mm
  • C Virtual Top Tube length (Horizontal): 557 mm
  • D Head Tube angle: 69.0°
  • E Seat Tube angle: 73.0°
  • F Chainstay length: 431 mm
  • G Bottom Bracket height: 272 mm


Name: PK1

Frame kit Accessories: Front fork, Head set, Top cap, Top cover, Seat clamp, FD band
Weight N/A
Color Polish Silver (Scotch Brite)
Manufacturing and Inspection We do everything from welding to heat treatment of frames in Taiwan. Final finishing of frames, precision control, assembly, and final inspection are performed at our own factory.
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